Donna Dorée's first magazine publication in VROUW Glossy

Donna Dorée's eerste magazine publicatie in VROUW Glossy
We are proud to announce that Donna Dorée has had her first magazine publication in the renowned VROUW Glossy magazine, part of De Telegraaf. In the October 2023 issue, Heleen van Royen shone with our beautiful gold Rhea earrings. This special publication in VROUW is extra special for us, because it is known for its honest, personal stories and even bears the name 'VROUW', which makes it the perfect platform for Donna Dorée's debut publication.

Heleen van Royen wears golden Rhea statement earrings from Donna Dorée

An ode to women

Design philosophy and mission

At Donna Dorée we believe that every woman is a 'Golden Woman'. Our design philosophy is simple: we create artistic products with love and passion with which we want to enhance your beauty and elegance.

Our jewelry collections, such as the Female Figures collection, are designed as a tribute to the versatility, strength and beauty of women. It is an ode to women in all their manifestations.

Rhea earrings gold by Donna Doree

The Female Figures collection

The Female Figures collection consists of statement earrings that radiate elegance, seduction and strength. Each jewel is a true work of art, with a base of sterling silver 925. The golden Rhea earrings, worn by Heleen van Royen, are an iconic and popular piece from this collection. They symbolize the eternal flow of time and generations, translated into Art Deco lines and a graceful swaying skirt.

The significance of Heleen van Royen for Donna Dorée

Heleen van Royen embodies the values ​​that Donna Dorée and the Female Figures collection stand for. Her powerful and versatile personality fits perfectly with the message we want to convey with our jewelry. Heleen's choice to wear the gold Rhea earrings in VROUW is a huge honor for our brand. It emphasizes the connection between Donna Dorée's jewelry and the woman who wears it – strong, elegant and authentic.

Dutch writer Heleen van Royen wearing Donna Dorée

Popularity of our brand among Dutch celebrities

This publication in VROUW is an important milestone for Donna Dorée. It shows that our brand is recognized and appreciated by prominent figures and leading media in the Netherlands. It emphasizes the quality and beauty of our designs, and it inspires us to continue creating stylish and elegant jewelry that enhances the personality and beauty of every woman. Our message for all wearers remains: "Leave your modesty at home, feel powerful and enchant your audience with your jewel."


Donna Dorée's first publication in VROUW Glossy marks an exciting step in our growing success story. We are grateful for the support of our customers and partners and look forward to future opportunities to share our designs with a wider audience.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and beautiful jewelry!

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